Welcome to Christ for the Crescent World

Our purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by planting churches in every ethnic and Muslim community, and  equipping and encouraging Christians to proclaim the Gospel clearly, faithfully, and effectively with Muslims, Arabs, and internationals.

There are over 1.4 billion Muslims in the world today — one-fifth of the world’s population — and Islam is consider the fastest growing religion. Here in America, there are over 7 million Muslims immigrants from all over the world, and  we see them everywhere, from taxis drivers, doctors, students, engineers, labors, etc. What an opportunity God is providing by allowing us to communicate the Gospel with Muslims here in our backyard, while in their countries,  evangelism is prohibited.

How Can We Together Accomplish Our Biblical Values?

To encourage Christians to engage with Muslims, Christ for the Crescent World DO NOT believe in Muslims-bashing but in Muslim-loving without compromising the truth of gospel message. We provide:
  • Seminars to help you learn the basic doctrines of Islam, how to answer Muslims objections to the gospel in a non-threatening way.  
  • Speaking engagement to challenge and equip your church or your group.
  • Help to effectively start an outreach event to your Muslim neighbors.
  • Outreach opportunities to express Christ’s love in Muslim evangelism, and establish meaningful dialogues with Muslims.
  • Materials, literature, tracts, booklets and valuable information to effectively communicating the gospel.
  • Methods of sharing your faith with Muslims by building bridges and relationships.
  • Discipleship program for new believers in one to one setting or in group.
  • Help to plant a healthy church balanced with genuine love and bold Biblical standards.
Christ for the Crescent World,
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