Outreach & Evangelism

When we go out to evangelize, we go in small groups, inviting churches or Christian groups to join us or partner with us. Reaching out together will make a greater impact:

University Campuses

Ten of thousands of Muslims are coming from all over the world to the Unite States for an education. We are convinced that by reaching out to them, we are reaching out to tomorrow's leaders. Our team makes weekly visits to share the gospel with students from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa in a respectful and Mulim-friendly setting.

Coffee Shops and Malls

In urban areas, coffee shops and malls are the places where hundreds of Muslims come for conversation and socializing. Our trained teams visit these establishments and make friendly conversations to proclaim the truth of the Gospel in love.

Arab and Islamic Festivals and Social Events

Every year and in every major U.S. city, events and festivals are held where tens of thousands of Muslims will come for fun, food, and many activities. Christ for the Crescent World goes in to talk about the Gospel with them in a rented booth or in one-to-one settings simply standing outside the court of the festival. We have handed out tens of thousands of Gospel materials, including tracts geared to Muslims, New Testaments in Arabic languages, and DVDs about the life of Jesus.

Door Knocking

Our outreach teams go into Islamic neighborhood where we invite our Muslims friends to church or engage them in a conversation about Jesus.

Hospital Visitation

By volunteering at local hospitals, we can pray with many Mulims and share the greatest story ever told — God’s redemption of man through Jesus Christ.

Mass Mailing, Emails, Blogs, etc.

We use every means available to communicate the Gospels — direct mail, web sites, mass emails, printed media, etc. Contact us to get on our email lists.


We invite our Muslim neighbors and friends to special events, such as thanksgiving and Christmas for food and hospitality and the opportunity to share with them the meaning of these holidays, especially the story of Christmas. We also invite Muslims to “Movie Night” to watch Jesus film in their own language

It has been said, “If not you … then who? If not now … then when? And if not them … then why?”

Jesus last words on were, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature…” (Mark 16:15)

Contact us if you like to start a an outreach in your town.