God is at Work Among Refugees

The refugee crisis is presenting a rare opportunity to share the love of God and share the word of God with them:

RefugeeCampPic1 “We are surrounded with Syrian Refugee Camps, and we have been going to these camps sharing the gospel with Syrians very regular. They are very open to the gospel! We have been handing out the book of Romans and the Gospel of John to Syrian refugees, and they love it.  Some of them are using these books to learn English. The Holy Spirit had an amazing strategy!”

 “It is nRefugeeCampPic3ormally not easy to get permission to go inside these camps — they are fortified like prisons with many armed soldiers guarding these camps — but God has given us wide open doors to go into these Refugee Camps to minister the Gospel to countless people.”

RefugeeCampPic2“At times when they see us handing out copies of the New Testaments, many more come over and asking for New Testaments for themselves.  We also go tent to tent sharing the gospel with whole families. Some of them are asking us to go back and teach them more from the Bible.”

Friends, we have been presented with an incredible opportunity to place Bibles in the hands of people who are hungry for the Word of God in some of the most Bible-hostile places on earth. You donation will go directly to the purchase of Bibles in Arabic and English so that they can be sent to those in need.

If you like to be involved in what God is doing among refugees, please donate now.
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