Christ for Crescent World is a donor-supported ministry, which means everything we do (from evangelism, outreach, equipping believers, discipling new converts, and planting churches) is possible because of the financial gifts of friends like you. We hold the highest accountability in all finance matter, our board consists of pastors and laymen who oversee the operations of all the ministry. (Please note that we are accredited by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.)
We are deeply grateful for any financial support you can offer and please know that Christ for the Crescent World will never share or sell your personal information to any third party.
You can also send a check to:
Christ for the Crescent World
P.O.Box 10451
Burke, VA 22009



No goods or services were received in return for this gift. Per IRS guidelines all contributions to Christ for the Crescent World are income tax deductible and made with the understanding that Christ for the Crescent World has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. We are accredited member in the Evangelical Council for Financial accountability. (ECFA Press Release)