Seminars are an efficient way to increase a group’s awareness about Islam and how to be more effective in reaching out to the Muslim population on a personal and group level in a non-threatening way.

We do not believe in Muslim-bashing but in Muslim-loving. We advance the person of Christ who draws all people to Himself.

Our ideal scenario is to speak before a group of 100 or less to allow for more interaction. We provide a variety of types of seminars that can be brought to your church, from a one-hour speaking engagement or a one-day seminar to an eight-week course. All seminars include an outreach opportunity and practical hand-to-hand training in local Muslims communities.

Seminar Topics

More Topics Available

    • Why Islam Is a Challenge to the Church?
    • The Historical Background of Islam
    • The Teachings and Practices of Islam
    • Examining Islam & Answering Muslim Objections
    • Engaging Islam & Reaching Muslims for Christ
    • How to Set-Up Outreaches to Muslim Communities / Gathering
    • How to Disciple a New Convert
    • Is Church Planting among Muslims a Dream of the Past?
    • Testimony of a Former Muslim

In His sovereignty, the Lord has brought millions of Muslims to our doorsteps in the West. What a tremendous opportunity to reach those who have come from “behind the Crescent Curtain” (countries closed to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ)! Join us in our passion is to encourage and equip believers, churches, and ministries to communicate the Gospel effectively to Muslims.

Request a Speaker

If you have a conference planned, spark diverse interest by adding a speaker who can discuss how to effectively evangelize a growing international community.

Request a One-Day Seminar

Our trained speakers are familiar with Islamic culture, doctrines, languages, and values. A one-day seminar is the perfect tool to train and equip your group to witness to Muslims neighbors. In a seminar, we present the Islamic faith from a Biblical perspective and show how to build bridges to better enable Muslims to understand the Gospel message.