Answering Muslims Objections

The pivotal point between Islam and Christianity is the Cross. Muslims and Christians share at least one platform of common ground: unshakeable respect for Jesus of Nazareth. The life and teachings of Jesus are important to both, so how can we use that to answer Muslims objections effectively on topics such as:

  • What do the Bible and the Qur’an tell us about Jesus?
  • Are these teachings compatible? If not, how can we know which one is accurate?
  • What about the Trinity? Can that be understood from a Muslim perspective?
  • How do you defend the deity of Jesus and his resurrection?


Seminars are an efficient way to increase a group's awareness about Islam and how to be more effective in reaching out to the Muslim population on a personal and group level in a non-threatening way.

We do not believe in Islam-bashing, but in Muslim-loving. We advance the person of Christ who draws all people to Himself.

Our ideal scenario is to speak before a group of 100 or less to allow for more interaction. We provide a variety of types of seminars that can be brought to your church, from a one-hour speaking engagement or a one-day seminar to an eight-week course. All seminars includes an outreach opportunity and practical hand-to-hand training to local Muslims communities.