Introduction to Islam

The course surveys the Islamic faith, tradition, and culture and the worldwide Muslim community. The course will include the following themes:

  • Islam before Islam
  • The early stage of Islam
  • Common beliefs and practices of Muslims
  • The spread of Islam, denominations, and sects
  • Comparison of teachings of Christianity and Islam

Christ for the Crescent World Seminars

Seminars are an efficient way to increase a group’s awareness about Islam and how to be more effective in reaching out to the Muslim population on a personal and group level in a non-threatening way.

We do not believe in Islam-bashing, but in Muslim-loving. We advance the person of Christ who draws all people to Himself.

Our ideal scenario is to speak before a group of 100 or less to allow for more interaction. We provide a variety of types of seminars that can be brought to your church, from a one-hour speaking engagement or a one-day seminar to an eight-week course. All seminars includes an outreach opportunity and practical hand-to-hand training to local Muslims communities.